Customer Satisfaction

CHBAVI VIBE Awards 2023 | CHBA Vancouver Island


To be eligible for this award, you must participate in a 3rd party Homeowner Experience Survey. This is being adjudicated by Avid Rating Canada. You do not need to be a client of Avid Ratings Canada to participate but you must provide them with your customer list.


Participants must be registered, and have closing/project lists submitted to Avid® by March 31, 2022.

Home builder participants in the CHBA VI Customer Satisfaction Awards, adjudicated by Avid Ratings Canada, are rated by the most important judges in any business — their customers – with finalists and award winners joining the ranks among the best in Canada.

Homeowner surveys will be conducted for participating builders for any homes that closed between February 1, 2020 and February 1, 2022. Participants must be registered and have closing lists submitted to Avid Ratings Canada by March 31, 2022.

The minimum number of closings for Home Builders/Renovators and custom needed to participate is three (3) during the respective closing date range. Builders that close less than 10 homes during the respective closing date range are placed in the “custom builder” category.

Production builders must enter full customer database for eligible year

The CHBA VI Customer Satisfaction Awards utilize percentile criteria to ensure that finalists and winners are both rated highly by their customers and also rank as top industry performers for customer satisfaction. In order to qualify as a finalist and award winner, a home builder must rank above the 75th percentile in Avid's Canadian Customer Satisfaction Database. The percentile criteria also helps to ensure that finalists and winners are top-performers in customer satisfaction, regardless of the number of participating builders in any one customer satisfaction category (i.e. custom builder category; production builder category for single-detached; production builder category for multi; etc.).

Participating builders are grouped as best as possible by home/product type (specific categorizations are dependent on the number of builder participants each year) to provide a more apples-to-apples comparison, acknowledging that the customer experience can be very different when comparing a high-rise builder vs. a low-rise single-detached builder, or other variations. 

    • Four (4) digital images of your choice
      - One (1) of the images should be a high-resolution logo - Three (3) images of your choice
    • Customer satisfaction reference contact information
      Upload a PDF containing contact information for your references. Indicate on the PDF Renovator References OR Home Builder/Custom/Production References
    Criterion Weight
    Product satisfaction 12.5%
    Service (customer service) satisfaction 12.5%
    Home Features 12.5%
    Lot and/or Property Location 12.5%
    Sales Process 12.5%
    Options/Decor Process 12.5%
    Walk-Through/PDI Process 12.5%
    Warranty Service 12.5%