The VIBE Awards consist of online submissions; materials must be submitted by the stated deadline for each category.


Create your member account.

  • Select the category you wish to enter, and submit your information according to the specifications for the category
  • All supporting materials listed are required.
  • Include electronic copy of current corporate logo for production (PDF's) 
  • Do not reference your company name in the written submission, and ensure that there are no logos in the photos and floor plans you use
  • Entries will be saved in your member account, and can be edited up until the entry deadline. If you require assistance with submissions, please contact us.

Accuracy of submitted materials is the responsibility of the applicant. Information given on the entry form will be used exactly as submitted in the award ceremony through production, presentation, and recognition in the media. 


    Category Per Entry – Members only pricing

    1 – 32: $210.00 + GST (per entry)

    Only Members of CHBA VI are eligible to enter

    • One payment including all entry fees is sufficient for multiple entries 
    • You may pay by Visa, MasterCard or cheque 
    • Please include your category and entry number(s) with your payment (payment must be received by Tuesday April 4th, 2023 to qualify for judging)
    • Please include your category and entry number(s) with your payment (payment must be receive


    • Entry materials for all categories must be anonymous. 
    • Inclusion of company names and addresses anywhere in or on the entry materials other than the entry form is forbidden. 
    • Company names or logos on floor plans, digital images, or in project descriptions should be removed.  Entries that do not adhere to this will not be judged. 
    • Complete the online entry form first before you label any entry materials. 

    Judging Criteria is listed with each category description. The judging panel is comprised of individuals who are knowledgeable and aware about the building industry.  All entries are scored based on judging criteria.


    • Information entered on the entry form will be printed exactly as submitted for news releases, newspapers, publications, certificates and trophies. Take extra care to ensure all spelling is correct before you submit each entry. Please do not use UPPERCASE. 
    • Corrections cannot be made after the entry has been submitted. 


    • Total word count for all project description text boxes cannot exceed 300 words. 
    • Bullet form is recommended. 
    • The text you submit must specifically state how it meets the category criteria. 
    • Project descriptions will be read out loud while the judges are viewing the digital images and all other entry requirements.  It is recommended that where possible your text should match your digital submission.
    • A 2-3 bullet point Marketing Description should be submitted with each entry (a maximum of 50 words total). The summary description will be used in announcing the finalists and winning entries.


    • You will not be able to upload more than the required amount of images requested by each category. 


    • Images can be horizontal or vertical.
    • Exterior dusk images may be used as long as the judges are able to see features of the exterior of the project. Night time images are not recommended.
    • Images to be saved @ 300dpi which allows for proper optimization for judging, website and gala presentations. 10MB maximum file size.
    • Save as a high-quality JPEG file. Do not submit pdf, tiff, gif, psd or any other file formats. Do not send re-formatted images that have been cropped and layered with borders or frames. 
    • All images must be anonymous. Do not include people in your images except the “before” images for the renovation categories and marketing categories. 
    • DO NOT submit black and white or gray scale images, renderings, digitally enhanced or high-definition images. Do not submit black and white “before” images for renovation categories. They will not be judged. 

    PLANS: Floor, Site, Landscape, etc... 

    • All plans must be submitted digitally.
    • Submit simple and easy to read floor plans (i.e. Remove identifying information, all take-off dimensions and extraneous details, judges are looking at the layout)


    • Each entry will be judged on its own merit, based solely on entry materials provided. 
    • Entries will be judged by a distinguished panel of highly qualified Canadian judges external to Vancouver Island, selected for their individual expertise. 
    • Decisions of the VIBE Awards judges are final. 


    • cancel, combine or split any category due to numerous or insufficient number of entries or at the judges' discretion; 
    • withdraw a particular category if all the entries submitted do not meet the criteria or are not of a standard that recognizes excellence; 
    • withdraw any entries if they do not meet the criteria or are not of a standard that recognizes excellence; 
    • withdraw a particular entry if it does not meet the digital image submission specifications. 
    • request any additional information it deems necessary to confirm the information contained in any submission. 
    • Judges may also re-categorize any entry if, in their opinion, it has been entered in the wrong category, or if it is more appropriate in another category.